Merge Google Sheets Data Into Documents

Automatically turn your Google Sheets data and Google Forms submissions into PDFs, Google files (Docs, Sheets Slides), or Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

For any Google users - No coding skills required - 100% free

Generate personalized documents in 3 simple steps:

1- Create your template and add merge tags

Build a document template from Google Sheets, Slides or Docs, and add merge tags like, for example: {{First Name}}, {{Last Name}}, {{Date}} .

Example Google Doc template

2- List your merge information in a Google spreadsheet

Create a Google Sheets to store your data, and add a column for each information you want to merge into your generated documents: First Name, Last Name and Date.

Spreadsheet with merge fields headers

3- Open Publigo and Generate your files

Open Publigo from your data spreadsheet, select your template and your target Drive folder where all your generated documents will be stored.

Once you're done, click on the generate button! The add-on will automatically retrieve data from your spreadsheet and merge it into your documents!