Easily Generate Documents with Publigo

Discover all Publigo's features at a glance

Create a personalized document template from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Automatically merge data from a Google spreadsheet or convert Google Forms' responses into PDFs or files in Google or Microsoft format. Finally, send those generated documents as email attachments in just a few clicks.

Document Merge

With its seamless integration with Google Sheets, Publigo lets you automatically mass generate documents from your spreadsheet data within minutes!

Personalized Templates

Build your own custom template from a Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, and use Publigo to generate beautifully formatted templates based on your spreadsheet data or form respones.

Google Forms Integration

When a respondent submits your Google Form, Publigo automatically  generates documents based on the form responses. This lets you present data in a much more suitable way.

Multi-File Format Support

Turn your spreadsheet data and/or form submissions into various types of documents: PDFs, Google files (Docs, Sheets, Slides), or Microsoft files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Email Management (💎 Premium)

After creating your documents, you can automatically send them by email as attachments to a list of recipients from your spreadsheet, to specific people or to your form respondents.

Sharing Options

If you are generating Google files (Docs, Sheets or Slides), Publigo lets you easily share them and choose the level access of the sharing settings: as Editor, Viewer or Commenter.

File Storage in Google Drive (💎 Premium)

All your generated files will be stored in your Google Drive, allowing you to retrieve them easily. You can also choose a specific target folder where Publigo will add your new documents.


Select the best time to generate your documents. Specify different dates for each file with the row by row feature to segment the generation.

Check markers and preview

Make sure all your markers from your template and sheet match and generate a test document before generating all your files.