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Merge tags (also known as markers) allow you to personalize your files.

Problems arise when data from your campaign sheet are not merged properly (or at all). We'll explore some of the reasons why this happens and recommend solutions on how to prevent these.

{{Markers}} are merged with the wrong values

This issue is infrequent, but it can happen if you are using a formula in your Sheets that returns a "0" in a header. Publigo considers a zero in a cell as a value to be skipped. Thus, it can create a shift between your data and the information actually merged. 

In our example below, the marker {{Ref}} will be merged with 1 instead of W-00001 and so on.

To prevent this, we recommend avoiding numbers as column headers. Also, be careful with using formulas (like arrayFormula) that may return "0" as its first value.

Some keywords are reserved and should not be used as markers

Publigo has reserved keywords that shouldn't be used as your own modified headers or labels (e.g., Merge status was edited to Merge status for July 26). This includes:

Note: In line with this, avoid using numbers as header-labels to avoid errors.