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If you need to change or update your Publigo payment details (because you want to use a particular card solely for your online purchases, or if your debit/credit card will expire before your next renewal/recurring payment), then read on. 

I subscribed using a debit/credit card (Check out as Guest)

Since you chose the option Check out as Guest when you subscribed, you won't be able to change your payment information. Changing payment information is only possible if you processed your subscription using a Paypal account. 

You need to resubscribe to use a different card. To do so:

1. Cancel your current subscription.

2. Purchase a new subscription using a different debit/credit card on or before your Publigo renewal date.

Note: The only drawback when using the Check out as Guest option is that you need to resubscribe to Publigo each time your subscription expiresIf you want to avoid this, you can opt to sign up for a Paypal account

I subscribed using a Paypal account

If you subscribed using your Paypal account, your Publigo subscription will be automatically renewed, and your debit/credit card will be charged at the time your billing cycle is triggered. Follow the steps below to change your Publigo payment information.

Info: By default, PayPal will always use the PayPal balance in your account first. If you don’t have a Paypal balance or the balance is insufficient, then the payment will be taken from your linked debit/credit card (Funding Source). 

A. Add a new debit/credit card

1.Log in to Paypal.

2.Hover over your profile name (1) > Account Settings (2).

3.Under ACCOUNT & SECURITY, click Money, banks and cards (1) > click Link a new card (2) under the Cards panel.

4. Enter your card details and billing address (1) > click Link Card (2).

5. You will get a confirmation that your card was successfully added. The new card is now listed under the Cards panel. We will be choosing this card in the next section. 

B. Change your Paypal Subscription Payment Method

After linking a new card to your Paypal account in the previous section, you now need to select that card as the default payment option for your Publigo subscription or renewal.

1.Hover over your profile name (1) > Account Settings (2).

2. Under ACCOUNT & SECURITY, click Money, banks and cards (1) > click Set Automatic Payments (2) under the Preapproved payments panel. 

3. Click Scriptit

Scriptit is the company that created and maintains Publigo. 

4. Click Change - under the Payment method section.

5. Select the new card that we added in Section A (1) > click Save (2).

Paypal will now use this new card every time you subscribe to Publigo or renew your subscription.

Disclaimer: For Paypal-related concerns, please contact their Customer Support.