Insert images in your generated Google Docs

Personalize your generated documents with pictures from your Drive!

Add an image marker in a table

  • In your Google Docs template, add a table where you want your picture to be inserted

To add a table, click on Insert > Table and click on the 1 x 1 square:

Insert table in Docs
  • In this table, add your image marker, for example {{Image}}:

Table with image marker
  • To hide the table in your generated documents, you can simply set the border color to white in the Table properties:

Table properties

List the image URLs in your Sheets

  • In your Sheets, list your image URLs in a “Image” column:

Sheets with URLs

That’s all! You can now open Publigo, select your Docs template and generate your files, your images will be automatically inserted!

Google Docs with image