Insert markers in Docs and Slides

In this article we will see how to insert markers in your Google Docs or Google Slides template. The Processes are very similar for both applications

ℹ️ Prerequisite: An existing datasource.

  1. Create your document template

Open an existing template or Create a template in your Drive using Google Slides, or Docs.

2.Connect your data source

Open Publigo, the add-ons is on your sidebar

Then follow the path and connect your data source. Add markers > your data source (Here we will use a Spreadsheet) > Select the right file with the file picker > Click Insert.

It also works if you choose a form

3. Import markers

Then click on the location where you want to insert your marker. Then in Publigo click on the + next to your marker. Your marker will be automatically imported with the document formatting.

4.You are now ready to launch a generation.

Click on Generates copies and launch your generation