⚠️ This page is deprecated. 

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically defer the generation of your documents to a later date and/or time. This feature allows you to better reach your target audience at the right time. 

Note: Only one scheduled generation option can be used per campaign sheet.

For example, using the Row by row feature together with recurring functionality (via Select hour/date) option is not possible and will cause conflicts.

2. Publigo offers 3 scheduled generation options to defer file generation

Choose the one that best suits your campaign

Merge scheduling

Choose this option if you need to ... 

Schedule merge at a pre-selected time the next day (8 am or 1 pm) - within the Publigo app.

Select hour/date schedule file generation at a specified date and/or time once or set them recurrently (weekly, monthly, or yearly) - within the Publigo app.

The Row by row schedule merge by specifying the date and/or time directly in your campaign sheet.

3. Click the SCHEDULE FILE GENERATION button to initialize your campaign.

Publigo will generate your file at the specified date and/or time

Note: Your scheduled campaign will not be sent exactly as specified. 

There may be a delay of up to an hour (but according to our tests, documents are generated within 5-10 minutes of the specified time). 

This delay is due to Google's triggering events. For example, if you selected Tomorrow morning 8am, the generation will start tomorrow between 8am and 9am.