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Google Forms is a versatile tool for collecting data, and Publigo is a powerful platform for creating document merges. If you're looking to incorporate images uploaded via Google Forms into your Publigo document merges, this tutorial will guide you through the process. By following a few simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate images from Google Forms into your document merges, making your documents more visually appealing and engaging. Let's get started!

How to use

1. Create your template.

2. Create your Google Forms and customize as needed.

3. Add an image question.

4. In your Google Sheets datasource, activate Publigo’s onFormSubmit feature.
* If this feature is already enabled, skip this step.

ℹ️ You will be prompted that A new file will be generated when a response is submitted to the form.

5. Configure images uploaded from Google Forms with Publigo.

ℹ️ We have an entire tutorial on how to set up images with Publigo. So, we won’t repeat everything here. But a pro tip you can use immediately is that supported image formats for Publigo are PNG, GIF, and JPEG only. Don't forget to mention this in your Google Forms image section (similar to the image below). Learn more.

📌 Note: Animated GIFs (like the one below) are not supported and will not be processed by Publigo.

Instead, you will get an Invalid image data error message. To remedy this, replace the image with a static GIF or other supported image formats, then rerun Publigo.

6. Preview your work by generating a test file to ensure all images are correctly inserted.
Make any necessary adjustments to the document layout, formatting, or image positioning. 

7. Try your workflow by sending a test form submission.
Once you are satisfied with the document merge, send an actual form submission to test everything.


By following this tutorial, you can seamlessly insert images uploaded from Google Forms into your Publigo document merges. With this, you can enhance your merged documents by incorporating visual content collected via Google Forms. Publigo enables you to create professional documents that include the uploaded images, adding visual appeal and creating more engaging outputs. Start integrating images from Google Forms into your Publigo document merges today and take your merged documents to the next level!