Generate documents from your Google Sheets

Read this article to learn how to generate personalized documents in bulk using data from your Google sheet!

Prerequisite: Publigo must be installed on your Google account.

You can install Publigo from the Google Marketplace or from your Google Sheets by clicking on the "+" button in the side panel.

Configure your spreadsheet

  • Open or create a Google spreadsheet to prepare your document merge information

Use the first row to write the name of each item you want in your documents. For example, if we want to create files with dates, first names and last names, we will write the headers as shown below:

Sheet with headers
  • Then add information row by row under each column:

Sheets with information

Create your document template

  • Create a document template in your Drive (Google Sheets, Google Slide, Google Docs), and add {{Merge fields}} to personalize the documents with data from your sheet.

In our example, we will add the tags {{Date}}, {{First Name}} and {{Last Name}} in a Google Docs template:

Note: You can skip this step and create directly your template from your sheet with Publigo! See the next section to learn how.

Generate your documents with Publigo

  • Open Publigo by clicking on the Publigo icon on the side panel of your sheet:

Open Publigo from your sheet
  • Select the template you want to use

If you want to use an existing template, click Yes to open the folder picker and select your document template:

To create a new template, simply click No, and select the type of document you want to create:

Create a template from the sidebar

For example, if you click on create a Google Sheets, Publigo will create a new spreadsheet named Publigo - My Google Sheets Template and store it in a folder called Publigo - My Standard Template.

  • You are now all set, just click on the button Generate 15 files to merge your documents!

Generate files button side bar

Publigo will automatically fill your template with the data from your sheet!

Note: The generated documents will be stored in the same folder as the template.

Result merged document