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Google Forms Quiz is a powerful tool that allows you to create online quizzes and assessments quickly and easily. By combining it with Publigo, you can automate the process of generating personalized documents, such as certificates or reports, based on quiz responses. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of using Google Forms Quiz with Publigo, highlighting its benefits, and use cases.

Benefits and Impact

Save time and effort by automating the process of generating personalized documents based on quiz responses.

Data accuracy
By integrating Google Forms Quiz with Publigo, you ensure that the generated documents are accurate, as they are based on the responses submitted by participants. 

Easily handle large numbers of quiz responses and generate corresponding documents without manual intervention. 

Tailor the documents to match the quiz data, creating a personalized experience for respondents. 

Use Cases 

Educational institutions
Generate certificates or reports for students based on their quiz results or achievements. 

HR departments
Automate the creation of employee performance reports or training completion certificates. 

Event organizers
Create personalized attendee badges or certificates for event participation or achievements.

Assessment Results (job or student applicants)
Automatically compile and distribute assessment results for students or employees, including detailed feedback and scores.  

How to use

1. Create & grade quizzes with Google Forms.
Customize the form settings as needed. 

2. Build your template (or select a relevant template if you already have one).
ℹ️ You can opt to send emails as an alternative (instead of document merges like PDF). Learn more.

3. In your Google Sheets datasource, activate Publigo’s onFormSubmit feature.
* If this feature is already enabled, skip this step. 

4. Click the GENERATE ON FORM SUBMIT button to initialize the onFormSubmit feature. 

ℹ️ You will be prompted that A new file will be generated when a response is submitted to the form.

5. Start collecting responses.
Share the Google Forms Quiz link with your respondents via email, social media, or any other preferred method.

Publigo automatically generates a new certificate only if a
form submission garnered a perfect score

Here’s a screenshot of our campaign / datasource with the
processed (generated) document merges (certificates)

ℹ️ Do you want to take this workflow to the next level?  

You can do so by using our Skip Record If feature. In our example, Publigo will only generate certificates automatically (A) if your respondents got a perfect score (C). Learn more from our tutorial on Merge rules: Skip Record If.

We also used our IfElseThen feature to inject the word Excellence to replace the marker {{Score}} (B) only if the score is 4 / 4. Learn more from our  Merge rules: If… Then… Else tutorial. 


Combining Google Forms Quiz with Publigo empowers you to seamlessly automate the generation of personalized documents based on quiz responses. The benefits include time-saving, customization options, data accuracy, and scalability. With applications across certification programs, event management, and survey-based reports, this powerful integration can streamline various real-world scenarios, making it a valuable tool for any organization or individual.