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Publigo continues to innovate by introducing a powerful feature called Add a New Template to the Gallery. This feature enhances user experience and promotes collaboration by providing a platform for customization and sharing of templates within the users' domain.

How does it work? 

Our Add a New Template to the Gallery feature allows users to create and contribute their own templates to their domain's template gallery. The template gallery serves as a collaborative hub, enabling users to share their custom templates with colleagues and peers. By contributing templates to the gallery, users can foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange within their organization. This shared resource pool facilitates the efficient creation of consistent and professional-looking documents across teams and departments.

Benefits and Impact

Enhanced Efficiency
The ability to create custom templates within Publigo streamlines document creation processes, saving valuable time and effort. Users can quickly access their preferred templates, eliminating the need to recreate document formats repeatedly.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
The template gallery promotes collaboration by facilitating the sharing of best practices and innovative document designs. Users can learn from each other's expertise, exchange ideas, and collectively improve document creation processes.


Consistency and Standardization
Sharing templates through the gallery ensures that teams and departments adhere to standardized formats, layouts, and branding guidelines. This consistency fosters professionalism, improves document quality, and strengthens brand identity.

Tailored Document Creation
The customization options offered by this feature empower users to design templates that align precisely with their branding, content structure, and specific requirements. This level of customization enhances the professionalism and uniqueness of documents.

How to use

To upload your own template to the gallery, click the following from the Publigo main page:  

1. Open Publigo > What is your data source? > Spreadsheet.

2. Click the SELECT TEMPLATE button > OPEN.
Pick a template format that you used for your template: Docs, Slides, or Sheets.

In our example, we clicked OPEN under Google Docs. Then chose the relevant template to upload (📌 Business letter) > click the Select button.

3. In the Publigo main page, click More actions > Templates gallery > click the SUBMIT A NEW TEMPLATE button. 

4. Modify the settings as needed:

5. Click SAVE MY TEMPLATE for the changes to take effect.

6. Once uploaded successfully to your domain’s gallery, you will see this prompt:

ℹ️ Now that you're done adding a new template to your domain, follow our tutorial on how to Use an existing template from your Gallery to use the newly uploaded template.


Publigo's Add a New Template to the Gallery feature empowers users to customize document templates according to their unique needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity. By promoting collaboration and sharing, the template gallery facilitates consistent and professional document creation across teams. With this feature, Publigo reaffirms its commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-centric data management solution.